Apnapan Upcoming Twist: Pallavi & Nick's plan fails!

Apnapan Upcoming Twist: Pallavi & Nick's plan fails!

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So far in the story of Appnapan, we see Pallavi and Nick locking their kids inside one room for some bonding time.

Pallavi will go meet her mother, Mrs. Gulati, instructing Nick to open the door if the kids fight too much.

However, in the upcoming story of the Apnapan serial, we will see Nick’s sister, Nandita, threatening Nick to tell Dadi about Nick and Pallavi pretending to be with each other.

For this to happen, Nandita will team up with Ranveer and ask him to announce his plan of spending life together with Pallavi in front of Dadi.

Is Pallavi and Nick’s plan about to go down the drain?

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