Appnapan Future Story: Ranveer To Propose Pallavi!

Appnapan Future Story: Ranveer To Propose Pallavi!

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In the upcoming story of the Apnapan serial, Nandita will be manipulating Ranveer to confess his love for Pallavi in front of everyone.

In the last episode of Appnapan, Nandita comes to Pallavi’s House to out Nick and Pallavi’s secret of being a fake family in front of Dadi.

However, Pallavi stops her and tells Dadi that Nandita is here to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with Nick.

According to the latest gossip of Apnapan, Ranveer will be proposing Pallavi in front of Dadi upon Nandita’s persuasion.

In the upcoming twist of Appnapan serial, Nandita has told Ranveer that people are gossiping about Pallavi behind her back as she is living with Nick.

To save her reputation and respect, Ranveer will take Nandita’s advice and propose to Pallavi with flowers in his hands.

Will Pallavi accept or reject Ranveer’s proposal in front of Dadi?

It will be interesting to watch this abrupt twist happen in future episodes of Apnapan.  

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