Ajooni Serial Gossip: Ajooni shocks the Bagga Family!

Ajooni Serial Gossip: Ajooni shocks the Bagga Family!

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In the current track of Ajooni, Ajooni takes Amanpreet Bhabhi to the hospital for a medical examination to see whether she is capable of bearing babies or not.

At the hospital, Dolly happens to see Ajooni with her Bhabhi and gets curious about their presence there.

According to the latest spoiler of Ajooni, during lunch back at home, Ajooni will reveal to every family member the truth about Amanpreet's condition.

Ajooni will prove, with the help of the medical examination, that Amanpreet is capable to have children without issues.

Ajooni will drop another bombshell by asking Veer Ji to take a medical examination to check his health while he gets enraged. 

How will the Bagga family react to Ajooni's modern suggestion? 

Let us see how Veer Ji reacts to Ajooni and how Rajveer protects Ajooni from the harsh comments from his family in future episodes of the Ajooni serial.

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