Alibaba Dastaan-E-Kabul Gossip: Know about Iblis and his past!

Alibaba Dastaan-E-Kabul Gossip: Know about Iblis and his past!

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The main antagonist of Alibaba is Iblis, the leader of chalish chor (40 thieves).

In his peak time, he created dashat (Fear) around Kabul. He used to roam around Kabul at night with his followers.

As per the Alibaba serial story, Iblis thinks he has the right to kill people for wealth and entertainment.

He doesn’t give easy death to his prey.

He sucks the soul out of people.

However, on the other hand, Mustafa, Alibaba’s father is a well-known magician in Kabul. He does magic to help people.

Mustafa manipulates Simsim and enters the cave to kill Iblis’s soul with his 9-year-old son Alibaba.

Now as per the Alibaba gossip, Mustafa successfully captures Ibli’s soul and puts him in an eternal sleep despite Simsim’s magic.

Before dying in the cave, he successfully teleports Alibaba outside.

In the upcoming future story of Alibaba, Iblis has returned to Kabul with Simsim to regain the leadership of chalish chors (40 thieves).

How will Alibaba stop Iblis without his father Mustafa?

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