Alibaba Dastaan-E-Kabul Spoiler:  Ohh no!  Simsim wants Princess Mariam!

Alibaba Dastaan-E-Kabul Spoiler: Ohh no! Simsim wants Princess Mariam!

Alibaba Daastan-E-Kabul 27th August 2022 Written Update, Chapter 1, Alibaba Serial Story, Spoiler, Upcoming Future Story, Latest Gossip, Trending News:

So far in the Alibaba episodes, Simsim has decided to wake Iblis up from his eternal sleep along with his forty thieves.

She thinks she and Iblis can rule the world together.

Meanwhile, Mamujan (Mariam’s uncle) works as a spy for Simsim.

Like a greedy person, he wants to become sultan (king) of Kabul without caring who he is hurting in the process.

As per the Alibaba spoiler, Mamujan is paying a visit to Malika-e-Kauf (scare queen) Simsim.

He then informs Simsim that he has been taking good care of Simsim’s gift since Princess’s childhood.

He will present Princess Mariam in just one order from Simsim.

After Mamujan walks away, Simsim tells sleeping Iblis that the humans are very stupid, they will do anything to fulfill their greed.

In the upcoming future story of Alibaba, Sultan will order Princess Mariam to prepare for her journey for her Prince charming.

However, Mamujan will give Princess Mariam permission to visit Kabul's "mamuli gali" (the common people area).

He is eagerly waiting for Simsim’s order as he is blinded by his greed for power.

Will Mamujan be able to become a king?

Stay tuned to watch Alibaba Dastaan-E-Kabul's future episodes to learn why Simsim wants Princess Mariam.

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