Ravivaar With Star Parivaar 11th September 2022 Written Update, RWSP Episode

Ravivaar With Star Parivaar 11th September 2022 Written Update, RWSP Episode

Ravivaar With Star Parivaar 11th September 2022 Written Update, RWSP Latest Episode Promo: Watch Full Show Online, Eliminated Parivaar This Week, Games Today, Competing Families, Romance special 

The Episode 14 of Ravivaar With Star Parivaar starts with Amal singing the song “Kaun Tujhe Youn Pyar Karega” while the couples dance with each other.

Arjun also joins the stage and introduces love relations between different couples and welcomes everyone in the romance special of Ravivaar With Star Parivaar.

Both teams are ready to win and challenge the other team. 

First Round: Aas Pachaas Ki

In this round, the melody of one song is attached to the lyrics of another song and the participants have to guess the song to which the melody belongs.

Both the team plays nicely but Team Ek Duje Ke Liye wins the round defeating Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

Dhara goes to RWSP bank and brings a suitcase worth Rupees 50 thousand. 

After the round, Arjun and Amal invite the couples to propose to their partner differently.

Shiva and Raavi and Yuvaan and Banni perform beautifully.

When Anuj and Anupama’s turn comes, Arjun changes the rule and thereby asks Anupama to propose to Anuj.

Anupama does not disappoint and uses the clues given to her by Arjun beautifully, making everyone laugh out loud. 

Second Round: Lucky Lakhpati

In this round, both the teams have to guess the song based on the clues given by their family member.

For team Ek Duje Ke Liye, Suman and Devraj come to give clues while Rakhi and Mama Ji comes to give clue to Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

Devraj flirts with Suman shamelessly while Mama Ji teases Rakhi saying double-meaning talks.

Between all the flirting and teasing, Team Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi wins the round.

Shiva goes to RWSP bank and seizes the suitcase worth Rupees one Lac. 

Anuj then enters the stage to express his love for Anupama.

Anuj pretends to draw Anupama but gives her a blank canvas at the end, making Anupama angry.

Aryan also comes to express his love for Imlie as both a reel couple and a real couple. 

Third Round: Final Round 

In this round, teams have to guess the songs based on the word clues given to them on the board.

However, to get the chance to guess the couple has to use petroleum jelly and a cotton ball to stick the cotton ball.

Dhara and Gombi win the chance first and guess the song correctly, then comes Imlie and Aryan guesses the song also correctly.

Banni and Yuvaan also earn the chance to guess the song with Team Ek Duje Ke Liye winning the round. 

Imlie and Aryan go to RWSP bank and bring the suitcase worth Rupees 2 lacs.

With this, team Ek Duje Ke Liye wins this weekend's Ravivaar With Star Parivaar 11th September 2022 episode by winning Rupee 2 lac 50 thousand. 

Ravivaar With Star Parivaar 11th September 2022 Written Update, Latest Episode Promo:

Star Plus family TV Show Ravivaar with Star Parivaar is the most entertaining show to keep all the Star Plus viewers satisfied on Sunday evenings. 

This TV show brings together all Star Plus shows cast where all your favorite TV actors and actresses come under one roof to entertain you in various ways. 

The latest promo of Ravivaar with Star Parivaar (RWSP) for this Sunday 11-09-2022 is full of entertainment and romance being celebrated on the RWSP stage.

Not only the entertainment graph will be at its peak but the competition will gear up between Ishq Wala Love and Dosti Wala love. 

Arjun and Amal will ask the couples to confess their love for each other in a uniquely but funny way. 

There will be no elimination this Sunday which is a great relief for all the teams gracing the RSWP stage.

This week’s promo will showcase all on-screen couples romancing each other and telling stories about their real love life.  

Shiva and Raavi will share how their on-screen romance turned into off-screen romance while working together in the Pandya Store serial.

Get ready to make this Sunday (11 September 2022) full of entertainment and laughter with Ravivaar with Star Parivaar available to watch on Star Plus at 8 PM. 

To get to know more, download Ravivaar with Star Parivaar or watch Ravivaar with Star Parivaar’s latest full episode online on both Star Plus and the OTT platform Disney+Hotstar.

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