Naagin 5 20th December 2020 Written Update: Veer to marry Chandni

Naagin 5 20th December 2020 Written Update: Veer to marry Chandni

Naagin 5 20th December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update:

The Nagin 5 20 December episode begins with Veer excepts that he cheated Bani. At once, when Bani hears it, she is upset and broken.
While remembering her lovey-dovey moments with Veer, she tells everything to Meera.

After hearing this incident, Tapish advises that they should seek help from Vikach. A ghost who knows the past, present, and future.
Bani, Meera, Tapish, and Jay reach the Tilasmi Cave. Bani hopelessly asks Vikach to reveal himself and lead them.

Suddenly, Veer experiences that a female was inviting him.
Vikach questions Bani that why she married a Cheel.
He goes towards the moon. Meanwhile, Balwant spies on him but was unable to catch him. He admires a girl and, that girl asked him whether he remembers him or not. He says no, to which the girl replies by singing.

She introduces herself as the princess of the sky. While Veer was dancing with her, he recognizes her as Chandi. Elsewhere, Bani gets a package and opens it. She sees pictures of Veer with his eyes as black. She understands that Veer is not himself, the previous, and the present.
Chandi tells Veer that in Kaamna Mehal, all his wishes will come true.
Bani explains to Jay that she is sure of Veer being on the moon.

Meanwhile, Jay asks that if Veer doesn't come back.
Chandni takes Veer to the bar section and gets on her knees, asking Veer to marry her. He cheerfully agrees on it. Then Veer asks her when his wedding is there.
Maarkat begs Bani to release her, but Bani horrifies her and says that only her death will release her.

Bani goes into the Mayavi cave and urges the voice to support her, but it refuses. She says that she will not get everything just by requesting.
Bani requests him to help her. Suddenly, a stairway appears when the voice informs her that the stairs will take her to the moon.
The voice told Bani that if she wants to reach her destination.
Then she has to lose her eyesight.

The written update of 20 December 2020 Naagin5 episode story ends.

The written episode of Nagin5 episode: Veer to marry Chandni.

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