Bhagya Lakshmi Future Story: Neelam becomes Malishka’s puppet!

Bhagya Lakshmi Future Story: Neelam becomes Malishka’s puppet!

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So far in the Bhagyalakshmi episodes, Rishi has disobeyed Neelam and has gone to meet Lakshmi in jail.

Seeing Rishi walking away, Neelam feels upset as she cannot believe her son has changed.

Now as per the Bhagyalaxmi spoiler, Malishka starts throwing things around her room in frustration.

She feels Lakshmi has won again because Rishi loves her even after the food scandal.

However, Kiran calms her down by advising her to focus on Neelam.

As per Kiran, Malishka can still get her Rishi back, she just needs to use Neelam’s hatred against Lakshmi.

In the upcoming Bhagya Lakshmi story, Kiran will take a promise from Neelam that she will make Malishka her daughter-in-law.

Neelam who thinks Lakshmi is bad luck for Rishi agrees to do so.

According to the Bhagya Lakshmi gossip, Malishka starts manipulating Neelam against Lakshmi.

As expected, Neelam informs Rishi that even if the court declares Lakshmi innocent she will not accept it.

Will Neelam's hatred destroy Lakshmi and Rishi’s relationship?

Stay tuned to watch Bhagyalakshmi's future episodes to learn whether Neelam learns the evil side of Malishka or not.

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