Radha Krishna 1st February 2020 Written Update: Krishna saves Rukmani

Radha Krishna 1st February 2020 Written Update: Krishna saves Rukmani

Radha Krishna 1st February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update:

The Radha Krishna 1 Feb episode begins with Rukmani questioning Balram regarding the truth that Radha didn't drown in the Yamuna river. Balram tells her in affirmative that she didn't.

Rukmani leaves from there to jump into the Yamuna river. Radha stops her from behind.

Rukmani to test Krishna's love for her jumps into the river. Radha prays to Krishna to save Rukmani from drowning.

Rukmani after being saved by Krishna misinterprets that she loves Krishna most. Elsewhere, Balram feels he has committed a mistake by telling Rukmani that loved ones of Krishna never drown in the Yamuna river.

Krishna tells to Balram that this will bring a positive change in Rukmani. Radha tries to explain her definition of love for Rukmani. 

Rukmani refuses to agree with her and tells her that she is a lover of Krishna while Radha is his friend only. The wedding preparations are going on the other side.

Ayan and Kutila are discussing the way to instigate Rukmani against Radha. Kutila suggests telling the romantic moments shared between Radha and Krishna to Rukmani, to poison her mind against Radha.

Meanwhile, Rukmani arrives there and Kutila tells her that Krishna used to play flute for Radha. Rukmani reaches to Radha to ask about that flute.

Rukmani is desperate to hear the melody that Krishna used to play. Radha tells her that she will play that for Rukmani.

The RadhaKrishna written update on 1 February 2020 episode story ends.

Upcoming written Radha Krishna episode update: Rukmani and Krishan will be taking pheras for their wedding when Rukmani will wonder whether the world will still take Radha's name before Krishna.

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