Nazar 31st January 2020 Written Update: Ansh and Piya are kept captive

Nazar 31st January 2020 Written Update: Ansh and Piya are kept captive

Nazar 31st January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update:

The Nazar 31 Jan episode begins with  Piya trying to attack the man-eater while he pulls Piya off the vehicle. The man-eater tells her that Saanvi and Naman are kept captive.

Naman and Saanvi on the other side are trying to run away. Naman lies down on the floor after being tired and tells Saanvi we should not run away from those people. 

Saanvi tells Naman that they are Van Vedhals instead of people. She gets worried about their leader being after Ansh and Piya.

Van Vedhals surround Naman and Saanvi. Elsewhere, Nishant along with the Rathods rushes to the jungle as shown in the frame to search for Dafli.

 Naman and Saanvi are taken to the same place where Ansh and Piya are kept captive. Ansh blames Piya for the trouble they are facing now due to the jungle trip. All of them try to use their powers but fail to do so.

Naman wonders how to get away from Van Vedhals. Van Vedhals ask them to become like them or to die.

Elsewhere, Chaitali, Avinash and Shekhar spot Dafli on the road. While they are going to rush towards her, a truck comes over there in which Dafli gets in and disappears. They think about how to answer Naman.

Naman on the other side, asks Van Vedhals for some time to make a decision.  They all start chanting Hanuman Chalisa that Van Vedhals are unable to tolerate.

Hence, they run away. Saanvi is found later to be caught by head Vedhal and it starts eating her. Naman attacks him from the back while Saanvi kills him with her hunter. 

The Nazar written update on 31 January 2020 episode full story ends.

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