Nazar 10th February 2020 Written Update: Ansh becomes helpless

Nazar 10th February 2020 Written Update: Ansh becomes helpless

Nazar 10th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update:

The Nazar 10 Feb episode begins with Piya suggesting Ansh getting married again as per Mohona's wish. Ansh reminds her of it being a drama to fool Mohona.

Piya wishes to remain Visharika forever and asks Ansh also become the same. Ansh handcuffs Piya with the wardrobe to stop her causing more trouble as Visharika and leaves.

Elsewhere, Mohona asks the priest if the wedding can be organized in the day time. The Rathods try to convince her for the night time.

Mohona refuses to be convinced by them and the priest agrees for the day time too. Mohona screams in pain after the priest sprinkles the Ganga Jal. 

She is reminded of her being a Daayan, the Rathods fools her by telling it to be a hallucination. Piya elsewhere, recalls her being a Visharika and thus unlocks herself with her powers.

Ansh tries to get medicines from Piya for Mohona and finds her released. He finds the broken medicine bottles on the floor.

The Rathods try to divert Mohona and Natasha arrives thereafter. Nishant on the other hand about Mohona's powers being destroyed completely.

Piya and Ansh comes outside dressed as bride and groom. They sit with their respective partners.

Chaitali acts being faint to stop the wedding rituals. Piya disrupts the plan, leaving Ansh helpless.

The Nazar written update on 10 February 2020 episode full story ends.

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