Meet 13th September 2022 Written Update

Meet 13th September 2022 Written Update

Meet 13th September 2022 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 13th September 2022 episode starts with the investors opening their briefcases.

Seeing money inside, Meet Hooda gets shocked as she knows she has stuffed the suitcases with newspaper.

While she looks confused, the investors inform her that they are leaving with their money as they cannot put their trust in Meet Hooda yet.

After the investors leave, Meet Hooda gets lost in her thoughts as she is not sure who put the money inside the shoot cases.

In the meantime, Barfi Devi enters the office room with Raj, Meet Ahlawat, and Neelam.

Before Meet Hooda can say anything, Barfi Devi brings out a box and accuses Meet Hooda of stealing money from Meet Ahlawat.

Hearing this, Meet Hooda looks stunned while Meet Ahlawat looks at Meet Hooda with questions.

Meet Hooda then tells everyone that she has not taken any money form anyone.

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