Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 24th January 2020 Written Update: Prerna's life at stake

Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 24th January 2020 Written Update: Prerna's life at stake

Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 24th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update:

The KZK 2 24 Jan episode begins with Prerna asking to call up Anurag. The lady couldn't help her out due to mobile network instability. Thereafter, she asks Prerna to freshen up.

Elsewhere, Komolika is angry at Jagga for letting Prerna run away. Ronit tries to calm her down. Just then, Komolika receives a phone call from Anurag.

Anurag is standing near the godown where Komolika is at present. Komolika after getting to know that hides along with the goons inside the godown.

Anurag asks about anyone's presence after he reaches the godown. In the meanwhile, the lady introduces Prerna to her daughter. Her daughter tells Prerna that she can make a call from her brother's mobile after he returns.

Ronit and Komolika leave the godown after seeing Anurag leaving. A goon stays back. 

Prerna worries about Anurag. The goons reach lady's home. It is revealed that Prerna is staying in Jagga's wife's home.

The family gets worried about seeing Sanju(Jagga's brother-in-law) injured. They ask about who did this. While Jagga is explaining about the same, Prerna notices him outside and tries to lock the room.

The family gets inside and Jagga in the meanwhile informs Komolika about Prerna being in his house. Komolika and Ronit are on the way.

Prerna pleads Jagga's family to leave her. Komolika reaches there, thus Prerna gets to know about the real kidnapper. 

Ronit and Komolika later take Prerna towards the cliff after paying Jagga. Elsewhere, the goon in the godown gets a call to reach towards the cliff from the other goon and Anurag catches him.

The written update Kasuti Zindigi Ki 2 on 24th January 2020  episode story ends.

Upcoming Kasoti Zindegi Ki (KZK 2) episode update: Komolika makes Prerna stand on the cliff edge.

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