Divya Drishti 21st September 2019 Written Update: Pishachini falls in trouble

Divya Drishti 21st September 2019 Written Update: Pishachini falls in trouble

Divya Drishti 21st September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update:

The Divya Drishti 21 Sep episode begins with Rakshit getting angry at all the family members for torturing Pishachini. Drishti tries to have a word with Rakshit but Mahima stops her.

Pishachini mocks at Drishti for having lost her husband and his love. She says she will soon take her revenge from them.

Divya says to Pishachini that she can never take their powers. Pishachini says she has Rakshit and so doesn’t need anything else.

Later, Pishachini and Raingini get into a heating argument. Pishachini attacks Raingini but kaal devta stops her.

Kaal devta advises Pishachini to bear Rakshit’s child in her womb so that she can get his superpowers easily.

Drishti, Divya, and Romi recall Pishachini’s words to figure out about her next motive. Mahima comes and tells them that Pishachini is planning to impregnate herself with Rakshit’s child to get his powers.

Drishti gets panicky and reaches out to Rakshit. She requests Rakshit to stay away from Pishachini. Drishti starts crying. Rakshit hugs her.

Meanwhile, Pishachini and Raingini manage to captivate Divya and Drishti.

Shergill family members get worried on not finding Drishti and Divya in the house. They search for them everywhere but fail to find them.

Pishachini locks Drishti and Divya in a trunk and spells it so that nobody but her is able to see the two sisters locked in it.  

The family members head for Ganesh visarjan. Pishachini brings the trunk along with her. She pushes the trunk into the depths of water.

Pishachini gets elated while Drishti and Divya strive for their lives. Mahima realizes that Drishti and Divya are inside the trunk.

The trunk touches Lord Ganesha’s idol and light spreads around. Drishti and Divya come out of the water while Pishachini is pulled back into the water.

Drishti and Divya use their powers to drown Pishachini in the water. Later, Kaal devta comes and saves Pishachini from getting drowned in water.

Drishti sees Pishachini’s glimpse. Pishachini and Drishti have a face-off. Drishti decides to find Pishachini’s savior.

Divya runs after Raingini. Drishti gets into a fight with Pishachini. Mahima takes Rakshit away from Pishachini.

The written update of Divya Drishti on 21 September 2019 episode full story ends.

The written episode of Divya Drishti upcoming update: No Precap.

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