Anupama 10th September 2022 Written Update

Anupama 10th September 2022 Written Update

Anupama 10th September 2022 Written Update: Anupamaa written update

Today's Anupama 10th September 2022 episode starts with Anupama beating herself up for rousing Anuj in irritation.

She prays to Banke Bihari to make things smooth now since both of them are going to Kinjal's baby's name-keeping ceremony.

Anuj apologizes to Anupama in the car and says all his irritation came out on her wrongly. 

Anupama shushes him as they both reach the Shah House.

Leela welcomes both Anuj and Anupama and asks them how the decorations are since Samar and Pakhi did it. 

Meanwhile, Anupama notices Rakhi's angry expression whenever she looks at Paritosh and grows concerned. 

She talks to Vanraj about this while Anuj gets jealous seeing Anu talk so closely with Vanraj. 

Both Anupama and Vanraj decide to eavesdrop on Rakhi and Toshu's conversation and come to know that Toshu went to Mumbai to get intimate with a girl.

Hearing this, Anupama slaps Toshu while Vanraj is shocked.

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