Spy Bahu Upcoming Story: Yohaan is in a dilemma!

Spy Bahu Upcoming Story: Yohaan is in a dilemma!

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So far in the Spy Bahu episodes, Yohaan has won Paro over by proving his love for her in the village.

However, when he brings Paro home, his attitude toward her changes.

Paro will feel betrayed as she cannot understand why Yohaan is becoming cold toward her.

Meanwhile, Mahira thinks Paro is the same Sejal who has come to take revenge on her.

She is adamant about killing Paro to bury her truth once and for all.

On the other hand, Yohaan is persistent to prove that Sejal has not lost any memory.

In the upcoming story of Spy Bahu, Yohaan will plan to test Sejal’s memory with her favorite blanket.

Seeing Sejal sleeping like a baby, he feels connected to her.

However, he quickly brushes off his feelings and reminds himself that Sejal has hidden her identity as a spy.

Recalling Sejal’s betrayal, Yohan again puts on the arrogant mask for Sejal.

Will Sejal be able to win Yohan over with her innocence?

Stay tuned to watch Spy Bahu's future episodes to see how Mahira will find out whether Sejal has lost her memory or not. 

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