Sanjog Written Update : Gouri the thief wants Amrita Kothari’s lifestyle!

Sanjog Written Update : Gouri the thief wants Amrita Kothari’s lifestyle!

The story of the Sanjog serial begins with Gouri, her husband Gopal, and her mother-in-law breaking into the Kothari farmhouse with intention of robbery.

However, seeing all the wealth Gouri starts dreaming about an upper-class lifestyle.

While Gopal, her husband is busy filling his bag with expensive items, Gouri notices Amrita’s portrait and starts posing like her.

On the other hand, Amrita Kothari prays to God to give her a baby to complete her life.

She has planned a grand party to surprise her husband Rajeev Kothari on their anniversary.

Meanwhile, Jealous Gouri tells Amrita’s portrait that Amrita has born with a silver spoon in her mouth and therefore she has no sadness in her life.

Afterward, Gouri promises her husband Gopal that one day she will marry off her daughter with Amrita’s son and they will live in this luxury.

Elsewhere, in the Kothari mansion, Mrs. Kothari, Amrita’s mother-in-law orders her to get pregnant soon otherwise she will marry off Rajeev to a fertile girl.

Later when everyone asks Rajeev if he remembered his anniversary or not, he gives a puzzled look.

Rajeev’s puzzled look showcases the hollowness of his and Amrita’s deteriorating relationship. 

How will Gouri fulfill her dream of a lavish lifestyle?

Will Amrita be able to prove her worth to Mrs. Kothari?

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