Sanjog Spoiler Alert: Rajeev wants to divorce Amrita!

Sanjog Spoiler Alert: Rajeev wants to divorce Amrita!

Sanjog 26th August 2022 Written Update, Upcoming Story, Serial Story, Latest Gossip, Spoiler, Future Story, Trending News:

So far in the Sanjog episodes, Amrita has decided to adopt a baby to fulfill her wish of becoming a mother.

Meanwhile, Rajeev is having an extramarital affair with Rakshita, Amrita’s best friend.

Though he admires Amrita, he does not love her anymore.

Now as per Sanjog's spoiler, Rajeshwari, Rajeev’s mother is furious after hearing Amrita’s plan of adoption.

She doesn’t want any bad blood associated with the Kothari family.

In the upcoming Sanjog story, Rajeshwari will show Rajeev Amrita’s IBF report.

Seeing the report, Rajeev gets angry as he can’t believe Amrita can hide something so important from him.

At the same time, Rajeshwari also informs him about Amrita’s desire to adopt a kid.

According to the Sanjog gossip, Rajeev considers it as a golden chance to divorce Amrita.

He informs Amrita that he wants a baby but Amrita is incapable of it.

Will Rajeev be able to get rid of Amrita?

Stay tuned to watch the future Sanjog episodes to learn whether Amrita finds out about Rajeev and Rakshita’s affair or not. 

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