Sanjog Spoiler Alert: Amrita wants to be like Yashoda Mother!

Sanjog Spoiler Alert: Amrita wants to be like Yashoda Mother!

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So far in the Sanjog episodes, Amrita has tried every medical treatment to get pregnant but none of them are successful.

Meanwhile, Rajeev’s mother has threatened Amrita to give her grandchildren quickly otherwise she will marry off Rajeev to a fertile girl.

In the upcoming Sanjog story, Amrita will go to the orphanage to spend time with homeless children after her anniversary party.

While spending time with the children, Amrita thinks to herself that she will go to any extent to have a baby of her own.

Seeing Amrita’s sad face, the orphanage owner urges Amrita to adopt a kid.

Hearing this, Amrita decides to do so as she thinks God wants her to be Yashoda Mata, not Devki.

However, Rajeev’s mother opposes the idea as she doesn’t want any outsiders in her mansion.

Will Amrita be able to make Rajeev’s mother understand her situation?

How will Rajeev react to it?

Stay tuned to watch the future episodes of Sanjog to learn how Amrita will fulfill her wish of becoming a mother.

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