Sanjog Serial Spoiler: Rajiv Divorces Amrita!

Sanjog Serial Spoiler: Rajiv Divorces Amrita!

Sanjog Serial Spoiler 26th August 2022 Written Update, Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Sanjog Serial, New Promo:

So far in the episode of Sanjog, we see Amrita desperate for a child.

After the revelation of the test report found by Rajiv, he uses it to accuse Amrita that he has lost his trust in Amrita even though Amrita tries explaining that she was about to tell him about it but he ignores her plea.

A crying Amrita is further shattered when she doesn’t get a chance to tell adoption plan to Rajiv and he gets to know it when a lady came to thank Amrita for her adoption from their center.   

Before Amrita could explain eloquently her adoption plan Rajiv confesses that he does not love Amrita anymore and wants to get rid of her.

This shocks Amrita and breaks her heart to know her husband has lost his love for her.

In the upcoming story of Sanjog, we will see how Rajiv has taken his decision to divorce Amrita.

While a sad Amrita is left shattered but has no other option than to comply with Rajiv’s wish.

Amrita even though broken will still feel guilty for not having a child and since she had taken up for adoption, therefore, she decides to go for it irrespective of the existence of a father for her child.

Will Amrita be a single mother for her baby and make herself prepared to face new challenges for the child’s upbringing?

Stay tuned to know how Amrita’s decision would take a new turn in her life in the future episodes of Sanjog.

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