Saavi Ki Savaari Spoiler:  OMG! Nityam and Saavi’s fate is connected!

Saavi Ki Savaari Spoiler: OMG! Nityam and Saavi’s fate is connected!

Saavi Ki Savari 29th August 2022 Written Update, Upcoming Future Story, Spoiler, Latest Gossips, Saavi Ki Sawari Cast:

So far in Saavi Ki Savari episodes, Sonam, Saavi’s big sister has replaced her Kundali with Saavi’s Kundali and has sent it to the Pandit.

In the meantime, Nityam’s mom is searching for a girl whose Kundali is similar to Nityam.

According to the Saavi ki Savari spoiler, during her search for Nityam’s wife, Nityam's mom finds Saavi’s Kundali from the pandit.

As expected, she instantly likes Sonam, Saavi’s big sister, and sends Niytam’s marriage proposal.

Now as per Saavi ki Savari's latest gossip, the Goyal family (Saavi’s family) will agree to Nityam’s mom’s proposal to marry off their daughter Sonam.

However, fate has different plans for Nityam and Saavi.

On the one hand, Saavi is a very hard-working girl who does not care how anyone thinks of her; on the other hand, Niytam is a billionaire who hates working-class people.

In the upcoming Saavi Ki Savari story, Niyatm will get shocked to see Saavi in Sonam’s house.

He considers Saavi a rude person.

How will fate tie Saavi and Nityam’s knot?

Stay tuned to watch the future episodes of Saavi ki Savari to see whether Sonam reveals the truth about her Kundali or not.

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