Rajjo Upcoming Story: Manorama, The Villain!

Rajjo Upcoming Story: Manorama, The Villain!

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According to the current track of the Rajjo serial, Manorama thanks Arjun for helping Rajjo, bowing her head in front of him.

In the upcoming story of Rajjo, her mother, Manorama astounds both Arjun and Rajjo, telling them that Rajjo has to return to their village and marry Vicky.

As per the latest gossip of Rajjo, Manorama will force Rajjo to go back to their village in Uttarakhand while Madhumalti also drives Rajjo out of the Thakur house while

However, Arjun will try to find a solution to prevent Rajjo's unwanted marriage and also protect her from making life-altering decisions in haste.

Will Arjun succeed or will his and Rajjo's journey end here?

Let us see what happens in the future episodes of Rajjo.

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