Pandya Store Upcoming Story: Suman stands up for Chiku

Pandya Store Upcoming Story: Suman stands up for Chiku

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The family-oriented show, Pandya Store, has been going through a rough patch, showcasing devrani-jethani drama between Rishita and Dhara.

So far in the story of the Pandya Store, Rishita gives birth to a baby girl, Chutki, while Dhara accepts the responsibility of taking care of a kid abandoned by his mother.

Dhara lovingly calls him ‘Chiku’ but Rishita does not like Chiku stealing the limelight away from Chutki who is the first heir of the Pandya Family.

In the upcoming story of Pandya Store, Rishita will blame Dhara for ruining an important day of the name-keeping ceremony for Chutki by asking the Pandit to keep Chiku’s name officially too.

However, Suman will stand up for Chiku and say he is Pandya Family’s grandson as long as he enjoys Dhara’s motherly lap.

Suman’s statement will become a bone of contention for Rishita, making her believe that everyone is preferring Chiku, over Chutki.

When will Rishita’s misunderstanding be finished?

Let us see what more drama ensues between Dhara & Rishita in the future episodes of the Pandya Store.

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