Pandya Store Spoiler: Face Off Between Rishita & Dhara!

Pandya Store Spoiler: Face Off Between Rishita & Dhara!

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Star Plus hit show, Pandya Store is gearing towards a full-fledged drama in its upcoming episodes.

The current track of the Pandya Store shows Chiku returning back to Dhara after Swetha is unable to take care of him.

Everyone sympathizes with Dhara except Rishita who feels that Chiku’s return to Pandya House will snatch all the love and attention that is meant for her ‘Chutki’.

In the upcoming episode of the Pandya Store, Rishita will get shocked when she sees the Pandit preparing the name-keeping ceremony at two places.

Upon asking who is the second preparation for, the Pandit will inform Rishita what Dhara asked him to do.

Rishita will get angry while Dhara comes dressed in a pink saree, excited for the name-keeping ceremony.

Is it Dhara who called the Pandit or is it Kamini and Janardhan who wants to see another drama happen at the Pandya House?

Stay tuned to see what happens between this duo of Devrani and Jethani (Rishita and Dhara) at Chutki’s name-keeping in the next episode of the Pandya Store serial.

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