Naagin 6 Latest Gossip: Is Naagin 6 Ending?

Naagin 6 Latest Gossip: Is Naagin 6 Ending?

Naagin 6 End Date, Spoilers, Episodes, Upcoming Story, New Entry, Is Naagin 7 going to start?

The Naagin 6 fans have been left in a conundrum with Naagin 6 ending date news swirling around and the news of a leap in this hit TV show.

As per the latest gossip of Naagin 6, this season starring Tejasswi Prakash and Simba Nagpal is going to end by the first week of October.

The majority of the social media platforms are reporting that the next season of Naagin has already started the shooting and will air after Nagin 6 ends.

According to Naagin 6 upcoming twist, Pratha and Rishabh will reunite with their babies and a generational leap will be showcased to pave way for Naagin 7.

One of PraRish daughter’s will be played by Amandeep Sindhu while the other will be played by the Naagin queen herself, Tejasswi Prakash.

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