Meet Serial Spoiler: Meet Hooda Slaps Meet Ahlawat!!

Meet Serial Spoiler: Meet Hooda Slaps Meet Ahlawat!!

Meet 27th August 2022 Written Update, Upcoming Story, Upcoming Twists, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, Trending News:

So far in the episode of Meet, we see Meet Ahlawat decorating his room with flowers similar to that of a wedding night for Meet Hooda.

He executes his plan and brings her to the room when no one was at home and shares intimate time with her.

Meet Hooda is unable to comprehend the abrupt change of behaviour of Meet Ahlawat when he gets close to her, holds her hand, and tries touching her intimately.

In the upcoming episode of Meet, we will see a confused Meet Hooda alarmingly resisting Meet Ahlawat from touching her or sharing passionate moments when Meet Ahlawat pushes her onto the bed.

Meet Ahlawat will try explaining that he is giving her the right of his legally married wife but Meet Hooda feels disgusted with his intentions.

As he will try advancing on her, Meet Hooda will slap meet Ahlawat and go away with a disgusted look.

Will Meet Hooda’s opinion of a disgusting Meet Ahlawat get her to divorce Ahlawat?

Stay tuned to know if this was Meet Ahlawat’s plan to make Meet Hooda divorce him in the future episode of Meet.

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