Barister Babu Latest Updates: Bondita to question male dominance

Barister Babu Latest Updates: Bondita to question male dominance

Barrister Babu gossip news:

In the forthcoming episodes of Barister Babu serial, Bondita will go against gender discrimination prevalent in the society. She will further inquire why only males have the right to live according to their wish.

So far in the Barister Babu serial, while Bondita struggles with her studies and with other household chores, Binoy and Saudamini tries their best to stop her education.

Now based on the recent twist updates of Barister Babu serial, Trilochan will call Bondita and will ask her to make ginger tea, black tea and coffee for himself, Binoy and Anirudh respectively.

Trilochan will further state Bondita that men has the sole right to demand anything and everything according to their wish. Bondita inquires about the practice of discrimination between the two genders innocently. But, Trilochan fails to answer her according to the spoiler updates of the Barister Babu serial.

Let’s see what happened in the future story of Barister Babu serial.

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