BALH2 Upcoming Promo: Priya Punches Ram, Ram Proposes!

BALH2 Upcoming Promo: Priya Punches Ram, Ram Proposes!

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In the latest episode of Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2, we see Ram and Priya delivering Maitri's baby.

Ram gets emotional after Priya tells Maitri she also delivered Pihu in jail under dire circumstances. So if Priya can do it, Maitri can do it too.

Maitri delivers a baby boy while Ram cries happy tears and looks at Priya gently. 

Priya tries on boxing gloves her hands in the warehouse and accidentally punches Ram in his face. 

Ram squeals like a little girl and jumps while Priya says, he can never win from Priya Sood. 

In the upcoming story of BALH2, Ram will get emotional and confess his love for Priya, saying he wishes Priya, Pihu, and himself to be a family again. 

He doesn't care whether Pihu is his daughter or not.

Is this the final happy ending for RaYa? 

According to the viewers, the last episode of BALH2 was the best episode after the story took the leap. 

Let us see how sooner or later Ram learns that Pihu is his daughter only in the future episodes of BALH2.

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