Anupama: Upcoming Spoilers! Anu Misses Anuj AKA AJ

Anupama: Upcoming Spoilers! Anu Misses Anuj AKA AJ

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In the upcoming episodes of Anupamaa, the viewers will get to see Anupama missing Anuj.

So far in the track of this serial, Anupama is in the US while only Aadhya AKA Choti Anu has seen and recognized her.

According to the latest promo, Anupama will be celebrating Lohri with Yashpal and his family.

However, she will miss Anuj very much.

As fate would have it, Anuj's muffler will get caught in Anupama's hand as they cross paths at the Lohri festival and her mind will wander at the prospect of AJ being Anuj.

Let us see what happens in the future episodes of Anupama serial.

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