Anupama Serial Gossip: OMG! Kinjal Goes Into Labor!

Anupama Serial Gossip: OMG! Kinjal Goes Into Labor!

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So far in the episode of Anupama, we see the beginning of a new chapter and bonding between the Shahs and the Kapadia Family.

When everything is set and all are prepared for the celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi with full enthusiasm, we see Kinjal and Toshu consulting the doctor for a regular checkup of Kinjal’s baby.

The baby turns out to be fine and now that it is 9 months already, the doctor has advised Kinjal to come to the hospital as soon as possible even if she gets even a little gripe in her stomach.

In the upcoming episode of Anupama, we will see a Kinjal in labour pain and the urgency created in the family on the big day of celebration.

We will see how Anupama and Toshu rush Kinjal to the hospital while Vanraj drives. 

An anxious Leela would be seen including others at home, praying to Lord Ganesha to make the delivery least complicated as possible.

Will the baby be delivered normally or will Kinjal require surgery?

Stay tuned to know how Kinjal goes past the labor and becomes a mother in the future episodes of the Anupama serial. 

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