Anupama Gossip Alert: Anupama asks Kavya to leave

Anupama Gossip Alert: Anupama asks Kavya to leave

Anupama future story:

In the forthcoming episodes of Anupama serial, Anupama will kick Kavya out of the house for insulting Baa and will send her to Nandini’s house. 

So far in Anupama story, the engagement rituals proceeded without Anupama’s presence. Further, this upsets Anupama as she was very excited for her son's engagement. 

Now based on the spoiler updates of Anupama serial, Kavya will insult Baa while Anupama will not be able to bear this. Further, she will ask Kavya to leave the house immediately and move to Nandini’s place. 

Later, an offended Kavya will try to manipulate Vanraj against Anupama for kicking her out of the house as per the gossip news of Anupama serial. 

Let's see if Vanraj supports Anupama’s decision or not in the latest twist of Anupama serial. 

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