Anupama Future Story: Shame On You Paritosh!

Anupama Future Story: Shame On You Paritosh!

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In the current track of Anupama, Rakhi and Anupama come face to face after Toshu's secret has been confronted.

Rakhi begs Anupama not to take any action or the consequences will be nasty.

The truth will not only jeopardize Kinjal's marriage but also harm, Toshu and Kinjal's daughter, Arya's future.

Hearing this, Anupama is pulled into the distressing flashbacks of her poisonous marriage to Vanraj.

According to the latest Anupama serial gossip, Anupama decides to not let Kinjal become another Anupama.

Meanwhile, Rakhi wants to continue hiding the secret from everyone in the Shah family.

Rakhi fears that with the toll of the truth, Kinjal will be crushed with no way to keep herself together.

In the future story of Anupama, while Paritosh is busy making grand promises, unable to handle the truth anymore, Anupama will burst into a scream, telling Toshu to have some shame!

Will Toshu show any shame or not? 

Let us see how the Shah Family reacts to Anupama's claim in future episodes of Anupamaa.

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