Anupama Big Spoiler Alert! Anuj gets Paralysis Attack!!

Anupama Big Spoiler Alert! Anuj gets Paralysis Attack!!

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So far in the episode of Anupama, we see how Anuj has woken up from a coma and is making things right by punishing Ankush and Barkha to seek forgiveness from Anupama and Vanraj.

Anuj will also converse with Anupama about beginning to handle the business while Anupama tells him to get rest and recover first before stressing out on business.

In the upcoming episode of Anupama, we will see a twist in the life of Anuj.

While Choti and Anuj will be ready to play badminton, Anuj will find he is unable to grip the racket and it will fall from his hands.

As per the latest spoilers of Anupamaa, this will be a paralysis attack, stupefying both Anuj and Anupama.

Is paralysis going to be a new challenge in the life of Anupama and Anuj?

Stay tuned to know how Anupama deals with this difficulty and showcase her true love for Anuj in future episodes of Anupama serial.

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