Alibaba Dastaan-E-Kabul Latest Gossip: Ali beats Zoravar!

Alibaba Dastaan-E-Kabul Latest Gossip: Ali beats Zoravar!

Alibaba Daastan-E-Kabul 30th August 2022 Written Update, Chapter 1, Alibaba Serial Story, Spoiler, Upcoming Future Story, Latest Gossip, Trending News:

So far in the Alibaba episodes, Gulrez has entered Sahi Gali (fancy road) to talk to Zoraver.

She thinks if she talks to Zoraver, he will let Alibaba create 'Shahi Shamiana' (fancy tent) for Princess Mariam.

In the meantime, Ali goes to find Gulrez as the moon eclipse has already started.

As per the latest spoiler of Alibaba, Zoravar attacks Ali and starts beating him black and blue.

Gulrez tries to help but Zoraver's fellow mates grab her by the arm and hold her tightly.

Meanwhile, Ali’s other children also arrive there and attack Zoraver and his goons.

According to the latest gossip of the Alibaba serial, Ali regains his strength and beats Zoraver with full aggression.

On the other hand, Saddam kills Sultan with a 'khanjar' (knife) and kidnaps princess Mariam.

In the future story of Alibaba Dastaan-E-Kabul, Zoravar will overpower Ali and his children with the help of his goons.

However before he can kill him, the moon cracks in half shocking everyone.

Seeing Zoraver’s distracted face, Ali pushes him away and rescues his children.

Will Zoraver accept his defeat against Alibaba?

Stay tuned to watch Alibaba Dastaan-E-Kabul's future episodes to see how Alibaba will protect Kabul from Saddam and Zoraver.

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