Ajooni Upcoming Story: Dolly Conspires to Kill Ajooni!

Ajooni Upcoming Story: Dolly Conspires to Kill Ajooni!

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So far in the story of Ajooni, Ajooni proves Dolly and Surbhi guilty of the ketchup accident.

She tells Bebe that this is Dolly’s plan to make Ajooni lose the bet.

Meanwhile, Rajveer declares that the certificate will remain hung on the wall which further enrages Bebe and Dolly.

In the upcoming episode of Ajooni, we will see Dolly getting jealous of Ajooni and planning to kill her.

She plans a conspiracy against Ajooni to teach her a lesson.

As per the upcoming twists of the Ajooni serial, Dolly will give Ajooni a sleeping drug so Ajooni passes out.

She will put smoke in her room and close the doors making Ajooni eventually pass out because of lack of oxygen.

Will Dolly help Ajooni or will she just leave Ajooni to choke?

Do you think Rajveer will arrive on time to save Ajooni?

Stay tuned to know what happens when Rajveer finds out about the conspiracy and how he handles Dolly in the future episodes of the Ajooni serial.

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