Ajooni Spoiler: Ajooni's complaint against Ravinder

Ajooni Spoiler: Ajooni's complaint against Ravinder

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So far in the episode of Ajooni, we see Ajooni is saved by Rajveer who reaches on time to open the door. The doctor explains that she could have died had she not been saved on time.

Later, Ajooni blames Rajveer’s family for the accident, and Rajveer gets shocked.

In the upcoming story of Ajooni, we will see how Ajooni tells Rajveer that Dolly gave her the sleeping pills instead of a headache tablet and did the conspiracy to kill her.

Rajveer will be shocked but still believes her because he also saw Dolly giving Ajooni some tablets.

He could not believe that Dolly could go to such an extent.

Following this, Police will arrive at the Bagga’s mansion because of a complaint against Ravinder.

They tell the complaint is done by their daughter-in-law Ajooni.

Rajveer along with others will get shocked to hear the news while Ajooni looks at them in disbelief.

Did Ajooni do the complaint or is it Bebe’s and Dolly’s another conspiracy against Ajooni?

Stay tuned to know what happens in the future episodes of Ajooni and how will Baggas deal with the complaint.


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