Yeh Hai Chahatein Spoiler: Vasudha unable to save GPS

Yeh Hai Chahatein Spoiler: Vasudha unable to save GPS

Yeh Hain Chahatein future news:

In the forthcoming episodes of Yeh H Chahatein serial, Preesha will be shocked to know that her father, GPS has been arrested in a drug case while Vasudha will be unable to save GPS.

Up until now in the YHC story, Preesha's suspension has been revealed in front of the Khurana family. Everyone is shocked and humiliates Preesha but Rudraksha supports her firmly.

Now based on the spoiler twists of Yeh Hain Chahatein serial, Preesha will visit Shrinivasan house and it will be locked. later, she will come to know from neighbor's that police have arrested GPS in a drug case.

Vasudha will try her best to get GPS out of jail on bail but the police will refuse as the drugs found at their house are consumed by girls who are severely unwell according to the gossip news of Yeh Hai Chahatein serial. 

Let's see what happens next in the future story of Yeh H Chahatein serial.

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