Saavi Ki Savari Upcoming Story: Sonam is a Scaredy Cat!

Saavi Ki Savari Upcoming Story: Sonam is a Scaredy Cat!

Saavi Ki Savari 31st August 2022 Written Update, Upcoming Story, Upcoming Twist, Future Story, Savi Ki Sawari Spoiler, Latest Gossip, Trending News:

So far in Saavi Ki Savari episodes, Saavi has told Sonam about Nityam being rude.

According to the Savi Ki Sawari spoiler, Vedika, Nityam’s mother, calls Saavi’s family to inform them that they are coming tomorrow to see Sonam.

As expected, Sonam gets happy and starts grooming herself to look perfect.

Nityam's mom chooses Sonam for marriage as she likes her very much.

Now as per Saavi ki Savari's latest gossip, Sonam gets a nightmare that she has confessed her Kundali-swiping to Saavi.

Her nightmare breaks and she promises herself that she will keep the truth hidden at any cost from Savi.

In the upcoming story of Saavi Ki Savari, Nityam will host a birthday party for Sonam as per the date mentioned in Kundali.

When Sonam hears about it, she gets tensed as this is Saavi’s birthday.

Is Sonam’s truth about to come out?

Stay tuned to watch Savi Ki Sawari future episodes to see how Sonam will keep everyone in dark. 

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