Rajjo Spoilers: Rajjo scared of ‘Nangu-Nangu’ Arjun & Urvashi!

Rajjo Spoilers: Rajjo scared of ‘Nangu-Nangu’ Arjun & Urvashi!

Rajjo 27th August 2022 Written Update, Rajjo Upcoming Story, Upcoming Twists, Spoilers, Rajjo Serial Cast, Rajjo Serial Hotstar:

Rajjo is a new serial on Star Plus that showcases an extraordinary journey of a simple village girl named Rajjo (played by Celesti Bairagey) who is athletically talented!

So far in the story of the Rajjo serial, Rajjo loses her mother due to a flood and destiny brings her to Arjun’s house.

However, in an attempt to escape from Arjun’s house as soon as possible, gets stuck in his room after she slips from a skateboard.

According to the upcoming story of Rajjo, the lights of Arjun’s house will go off when he comes with just a towel draped across his waist.

Rajjo who is hiding under Arjun’s bed will see Urvashi coming closer to Arjun to romance him.

Whispering it is ‘Gandi Baat’ (bad thing) under her breath, Rajjo will close her eyes when Urvashi (played by Aayushi Tilak) asks Arjun (played by Rajveer Singh) to tie her blouse.

Saying she cannot see ‘Nangu-Nangu’ (naked-naked) anymore, she will shut her eyes close, praying there is no kissing between the duo.

Stay tuned to see more of the funny banter about Rajjo and her story in future episodes of the Rajjo serial.

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