Imlie Upcoming Story: Cheeni hates Meethi Imlie!

Imlie Upcoming Story: Cheeni hates Meethi Imlie!

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So far in the Imlie episodes, Aryan and Imlie die an unexpected death due to bomb blast.

After Imlie and Aryan’s death, Cheeni and Imlie’s life takes a wild turn as they become orphans.

Now as per latest spoilers of Imlie, Imlie has left secret messages for Meethi Imlie which Meethi Imlie gets to see on her every birthday.

On one hand, Meethi Imlie considers Imlie’s secret messages a blessing; on the other hand, Cheeni thinks Imile never loved her like Meethi.

In the upcoming Imlie story, Meethi will watch Imlie’s secret message and get happy about it.

In the message, Imlie urges the Rathod sisters to stick together always.

However, Cheeni secretly hates Meethi for getting the secret messages.

Meethi Imlie is the perfect combination of sweetness and honesty whereas Cheeni is a fiercely independent girl.

Let’s see the future episodes of Imlie to learn how Meethi and Cheeni’s different characteristics will grab the audience's interests. 

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