GHKKPM Serial Spoilers: Sai reveals Savi is Virat's Daughter

GHKKPM Serial Spoilers: Sai reveals Savi is Virat's Daughter

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In the current episode of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein, Sai is infuriated and annoyed by Virat and his impulse to act as a bodyguard.

Sai gets further irritated by the constant taunts from her Usha Mausi.

Sai replies that Virat and she have no relation other than her being Vinayak's doctor.

However, according to the latest spoiler of GHKKPM, Savi along with her mother, Sai, is kidnapped by MLA Gulab Rao's goons.

While Virat tries to fight off the goons, Sai is held captive by two goons.

While fighting, Savi's life is also threatened by a gun.

Seeing this, Sai screams at Virat to save their daughter, Savi!

Virat will be astonished by the sudden revelation while trying to save Savi from the gun shot.

Will Virat die trying to save Savi or will the three of them get a chance to become a family?

Let us see whether Virat makes it alive in future episodes of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein.

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